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Welcome to the Library where members can post Race Reports and write articles about topics relevant to our sport and lifestyle.

Title Posted By Posted Date
New Member Night Chris Lohman 07/26/2013
Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race Report Liz Kollar 08/16/2011
Racing with 'heart'.. someone else's heart Tim Bomba 12/02/2010
Ironman Brazil 70.3 Race Report, 8/28/2010 Nils Taylor 08/31/2010
Race Report: IM Coeur d'Alene '09 Audra Lalley 07/22/2009
Make a Smooth Transition Liz Hamm 06/03/2009
Swim, Stride & Suds Konrad Ribeiro 03/23/2009
.: 2009 Spring Training Camp :. Liz Hamm 02/03/2009
Craig Alexander scheduled for Monday, Feb. 2nd Meeting Liz Hamm 01/19/2009
2009 Events Scheduled Liz Hamm 12/15/2008
2009 Sponsor Search Liz Hamm 12/04/2008
My Kona 2008 by Mark Lytle Mark Lytle 11/15/2008
2008 Member Award nominations open until Dec. 1 Liz Hamm 11/05/2008
XTERRA USA Moves to Utah–The End of an 8 Year Run in Incline Village, NV Erin Beresini 10/23/2008
The Inside Triathlon Merger with Triathlete Magazine: Good or Bad for Triathlon? Erin Beresini 10/22/2008
Monaco 70.3 Tamara Adelman 09/28/2008
Monaco 70.3 Sept. 7, 2008 Tamara Adelman 09/21/2008
IM Wisconsin on a Mountain Bike Gil Solomon 09/15/2008
Ironman Training without your spouse divorcing you– Rhabdomyolysis – Full Vineman Richard Valdez 09/09/2008
Konrad's Top 10 Cheap or Free Ways to Get Faster Liz Hamm 07/24/2008
'Oh, The Places You'll Go' - Dr. Seuss Liz Hamm 06/25/2008
What is my "Training Level"? Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced? Liz Hamm 06/03/2008
Buy A Bigger Bowl Liz Hamm 05/16/2008
LA Tri Club presents Conrad Stoltz & Melanie McQuaid Liz Hamm 04/16/2008
2009 Ocean Speed Circuit info and FAQ's Konrad Ribeiro 04/14/2008
April 1st, 2008 Liz Hamm 04/01/2008
HI, MAINTENANCE. Liz Hamm 02/19/2008
The Race from Head to Heart Liz Hamm 01/23/2008
LA Tri Club intervewied for Slowtwitch.com Liz Hamm 12/10/2007
Welcome to the New Home of the LA Tri Club! Brian Morel 11/06/2007

Title Posted By Posted Date
You may LOVE doing it. You may HATE doing it. Liz Hamm 03/23/2014
Tri Talks - Year ONE in Triathlon Liz Hamm 03/14/2014
2014 Spring Training Camp Liz Hamm 02/24/2014
Fun Run SCAVENGER HUNT Liz Hamm 02/21/2014
Year End Party Chris Lohman 01/29/2014
New Club Kit "hive" Design Offered Liz Hamm 11/11/2013
CPR & First Aid Certification Class Offered Liz Hamm 10/23/2013
RACE Life Time Tri Oceanside & RSVP for Andy Potts Meeting Liz Hamm 10/14/2013
Newbie, Noobie - The Experts Liz Hamm 09/23/2013
Sponsor Spotlight: Zone 3 Multisport Liz Hamm 09/14/2013
A Year's Journey: Getting Dumped, My Mom's Death 3 Days Later, Losing 35 Lbs Liz Hamm 08/22/2013
Youth & Jr National Championships - LATC & TTS Team Reaches New Heights Liz Hamm 08/07/2013
LA TRI Club Gives Scholarship Grant to Help 32 Needy Kids Learn to Swim with Non-Profit ‘One with the Water’ and CoachArt Liz Hamm 07/10/2013
PUR PAK making news with MACCA Liz Hamm 06/17/2013
Cardiac Screening offered June 15 Liz Hamm 06/10/2013
2013 Coast 2 Coast Swim Challenge – June 2nd Liz Hamm 05/21/2013
1st Annual LATC Never Evers Triathlon Liz Hamm 03/07/2013
Hunter Kemper Meeting September 30th, 2012 Paul Hekimian 10/31/2012
Think you don't need a heartrate monitor? Coach Gareth explains why you should think again. Chris Lohman 08/20/2012
Youth and Junior Triathlon Team Having a Great Year Chris Lohman 07/17/2012
Swim to Save Lives at the Coast 2 Coast Swim Challenge Chris Lohman 05/11/2012

Swim Training
Title Posted By Posted Date
Swim Paddles for Triathletes: Harmful or Helpful? Mo Geller 01/29/2011
2010 Wed Ocean Speed Circuit INFO Liz Hamm 03/30/2010
Desert Tri Roster 2010 pdf Liz Hamm 03/04/2010
Triathlon Training Series, Volume One Paul Hekimian 09/29/2008
Five Mistakes That Lead to Injury Liz Hamm 08/28/2008
Konrad's 1-hour swim workouts (updated 5.3.08) Konrad Ribeiro 04/19/2008
LA Tri Club presents Conrad Stoltz & Melanie McQuaid Liz Hamm 04/11/2008
Gearing up the mind and body for the coming triathlon season. Liz Hamm 01/02/2008
The best sport on the planet, and the best club in the sport. Tim Bomba 11/05/2007
Flickr an LA Tri Club Member User Guide Brian Morel 05/06/2007
Sculling: The forgotten drill Brian Morel 04/21/2007
Bilateral Breathing Brian Morel 04/21/2007
Swimming Article by Brendan Terry Brian Morel 04/21/2007
Good Swimming is Relaxed Swimming Brian Morel 04/05/2007
Lactic Acid - Friend or Foe? Robert Forster 05/17/2005
Wetsuits Tom Long 12/29/2004

Bike Training
Title Posted By Posted Date
Roadie Rule - Etiquette and safety in group rides Konrad Ribeiro 11/02/2009
Riding L.A. to San Diego, a guide. Max Miller 02/03/2009
Tri Bike Makers and Club Demographics Max Miller 08/13/2008
10 Key Rules of the Road Ian Murray 01/10/2008
Sit or stand: Tradeoffs in efficiency? Brian Morel 04/21/2007
Tips for indoor training Brian Morel 04/21/2007
Indoor trainer workouts Brian Morel 04/21/2007
The Bike Doc: Lactate threshold Brian Morel 04/21/2007
The Bike Doc: The ins and outs of VO2max Brian Morel 04/21/2007

Run Training
Title Posted By Posted Date
THE PERFECT MILE from Runners World Liz Hamm 02/19/2009
Run more efficiently: Add speed work Brian Morel 04/21/2007
Run strong: Building lower leg strength, durability and injury resistance Brian Morel 04/21/2007
Efficient running: Move more horizontally Brian Morel 04/21/2007
Running slow to run faster Brian Morel 04/21/2007
Treadmill threshold workouts Brian Morel 04/21/2007

Newbies - General
Title Posted By Posted Date
FAQ for Sunday SGV Sprint Training Sharon McNary 07/21/2008
Helmet saves man when truck runs over his head Brian Morel 05/16/2007
Guidelines for Beginner Swimmers + Workout Brian Morel 04/21/2007
How to LOOK like a Triathlete Jason Berkowitz 04/19/2002
What is a Newbie? Jason Berkowitz 03/20/2002

Newbies - Swim
Title Posted By Posted Date
Tower 26 - Gerry Rodrigues - How to Become a Better Triathlete Swimmer Brian Panosian 01/22/2013
Lake Swim Locales William Robinson 06/08/2011
Origins of the Ocean 101 Tim Bomba 12/31/2007
Open Water Swimming Brian Morel 05/02/2007
Triathlon Swimming Made Easy Brian Morel 05/02/2007

Newbies - Bike
Title Posted By Posted Date
Bicycle Maintenance Guide Brian Morel 05/23/2007
Tips on Riding w/ Clipless Pedals Brian Morel 05/16/2007

Newbies - Run
Title Posted By Posted Date
Training for Distance Running Brian Morel 06/01/2007
Getting Started with Running Brian Morel 06/01/2007
The Couch-to-5k Running Plan Brian Morel 06/01/2007
Beinners Guide to Running Brian Morel 06/01/2007
Will Smith on Running & Reading (Key to Life) Brian Morel 05/28/2007

Health & Nutrition
Title Posted By Posted Date
Five Reasons to Consider a PLANT STRONG (Vegan/Vegetarian) Diet Markus Boesch 11/27/2013
The Wonders of Turmeric: Ditch the Advil. Markus Boesch 08/23/2013
Plant Strong! How to Start a Plant-Based Diet Markus Boesch 07/19/2013
Super-Food Spotlight: MACA Markus Boesch 07/19/2013
Quiz: Are You Ready to Commit to a Healthy Diet? Markus Boesch 07/10/2013
The Many Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar Markus Boesch 07/09/2013
PROTEIN: Top Plants that are High in Protein Markus Boesch 07/06/2013
Super Foods That Boost Your Brain Power Markus Boesch 07/04/2013
Juicing vs. Blending..? The 411. Markus Boesch 07/03/2013
Ease Arthritis Pain with Good Nutrition Markus Boesch 07/02/2013
Make Lasting Changes. Markus Boesch 07/01/2013
Want to Be Really Healthy? Go Nutritarian! Markus Boesch 07/01/2013
Intro to Pranayama Markus Boesch 06/29/2013
Plant Powered 4th of July Feast Markus Boesch 06/28/2013
Manage Workouts With An Improved Thought Process Markus Boesch 06/28/2013
Good Morning Sunshine Smoothie Markus Boesch 06/27/2013
Oxalates and Green Smoothies: Markus Boesch 06/27/2013
What causes that occasional muscle soreness after a workout? Markus Boesch 06/25/2013
Superfood Spotlight: Hemp Seeds Markus Boesch 06/24/2013
Train Movement - Not Muscles Markus Boesch 06/24/2013
Reasons to Eat More KALE Markus Boesch 06/23/2013
Super-Food Spotlight: Chia Seeds Markus Boesch 06/21/2013
Make Good Health a Priority Markus Boesch 06/21/2013
End Food Cravings Now! Markus Boesch 06/20/2013
Iron Deficiency Anemia and Performance Liz Hamm 05/04/2009
IM Nutrition Leo Carneiro 10/09/2008

Title Posted By Posted Date
Pushing the Limits :: Screenings 7/31 & 8/4 Liz Hamm 07/16/2009
Training Computer Comparison Steve Mark 01/07/2009
Tri car member survey Max Miller 09/27/2008
Wetsuit Repair David Ma 06/19/2008
Boise 70.3 Race Report Max Miller 06/09/2008
2006 YEP Program Steve Mackel 11/14/2006
Member Awards History (as of '06) Steve Mackel 11/14/2006
Angeles Crest Ride FAQ Mark Lytle 02/21/2006
Biking from Santa Monica to San Diego (Sea World) Babak Azad 02/05/2006
2005 YEP Program Steve Mackel 11/21/2005
Polar 625 Cheat Sheet Andrew Hannan 09/20/2005
Palos Verdes Loop Directions Tom Long 08/31/2005
Women Specific Saddles Saveria Tilden 06/20/2005
Bike Route: Griffith Park Brick - 22 Miler Brian Morel 05/25/2005
Santa Monica to Santa Barbara Bicycle Route Brian Morel 05/24/2005
Naked Photos of Triathletes! Julie Silber 05/18/2005
Tour de France Liggett/Sherwen Bingo Liz Hamm 04/21/2005
Wildflower Camp Map 2005 Liz Hamm 04/20/2005
Traveling Triathlete Checklist Liz Hamm 04/20/2005
Wildflower Long Course - Text Description Babak Azad 04/07/2005
Wildflower Long Course - Bike Image Babak Azad 04/07/2005
Wildflower Long Course - Run Image Babak Azad 04/07/2005
Bike Route: Amalfi Loops Brian Morel 04/06/2005
Bike Route: Marina Loop Brian Morel 04/06/2005
How to Ride in a Pack When Cycling Brian Morel 03/23/2005
Podiatrists - LATC Member Feedback Alan Lehman 03/10/2005
Trainer or Rollers? - LATC Member Feedback David Ma 12/11/2004
2004 YEP Program/Yearbook Liz Hamm 12/07/2004
2004 Kona Viewing Pty Program Liz Hamm 12/07/2004
1/2 Ironman Race Advice Julie Miller 11/23/2004
ROAD ID Member Survey Rosalind Jarrett Sepulveda 11/12/2004
Heart Rate Monitors/Cycle Computer Email Response Derek Dunn 10/25/2004
LACTATE BUILD-UP OR NOT?? Gareth Thomas 10/24/2004
Race Wheels - LATC Member Feedback Keith Ho 10/22/2004
Memorable Finishers - Ironman Inspiration Brian Morel 10/21/2004
Side Stitches - LATC Member Feedback Mike Gwaltney 10/15/2004
Men, running and nipples Alan Lehman 10/07/2004
Sciatica help Detra Jones 10/05/2004
Transition Talk 09.29.04 Liz Hamm 10/01/2004
Paul Hekimian Interview on Endurance Radio Brian Morel 09/01/2004
Altitude and the Triathlete Ian Murray 04/19/2002
The Power of Preseason Ian Murray 10/03/2001
Monitor Madness Ian Murray 10/03/2001
Running Wild Ian Murray 10/03/2001
Attention Race Fans Ian Murray 10/03/2001
Keepin' It Fresh Ian Murray 10/03/2001
Transition Time Ian Murray 10/03/2001
May I Mention Intention Ian Murray 10/03/2001
Seasonal Stuffing and Travel Treachery Ian Murray 10/03/2001
Got Wheels? Lloyd Taylor 10/03/2001
Transitions Pat Abe 10/03/2001
Our Journey Pat Abe 10/03/2001
Life With Water Ian Murray 09/21/2001
The Question of Time Ian Murray 09/21/2001
Free Speed Ian Murray 09/21/2001
Finding Quality Ian Murray 09/21/2001
Didactic Dopplegangers Ian Murray 09/21/2001
Tire and Tube Preparation Lloyd Taylor 09/21/2001
Let's Talk Pedals Lloyd Taylor 09/21/2001

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