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Date Created: 11/12/04

Written By: Rosalind Jarrett

Resuts of an informal survey of club members, with about 30 respondents:

Everyone said the Road ID was comfortable to wear and provided much peace of mind.

Ownership was about equally split between chain, ankle and wrist styles. Fewer had the shoe style. People who have shoe style like it because you dont have to remember to put it on. The wrist style was also recommended and can be used a watch band. Some people didnt want two bands on their wrist so recommended the ankle style, which is also fully reflective " but said if you get the ankle style, remember to check and make sure youre not turning in your Road ID instead of your timing chip at the end of a race! Others liked the chain style because its stylin, especially with the LA Tri logo. One person replaced the metal chain with a soft cord for silence and comfort. Some people had more than one. (Which seems a less expensive form of indulging our common propensity for multiple equipment acquisition than having more than one bike, but still impressive....)

It was recommended to use all six lines and to include your name, any drug allergies, emergency names and contact #s, your doctors name and phone # and blood type. Im also going to include the name of my medical insurance carrier and their #.

In case this has prompted your desire to buy one ( as it has mine) but youve trashed Brian Morels email on the subject (heaven forfend), heres his instructions:

To purchase, click on the Road ID link on the LATC Discounts page: http://www.latriclub.com/members/discounts.cfm ...and enter the coupon code PCAC245 when prompted.

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