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If you're gonna play, you better know the rules!

The rules of triathlon aren't terribly complicated, but if you don't know them, you can lose precious minutes from your overall time if a race marshall catches you. Rule violations may go unnoticed by the race marshalls, but they will likely be noticed by your competitors. Be fair to your competitors, and yourself - race with honor. If breaking the rules is a regular part of your race routine, we ask that you not race in the LA Tri Club gear. We're sure that Enron has a triathlon team that would like to have you on the roster.

Ignorance is no excuse...learn the rules!

USA Triathlon is the governing body of our sport and they establish the rules for all USAT sanctioned events, which most likely is a majority of the triathlons that you will participate in. The USAT Rule Book can be found on the USAT website.

Following are a few rules paraphrased from the official USAT rule book that are commonly overlooked, and can be an easy way to loosing minutes, or even worse, being expelled from your race. Don't be a schmuck...follow these rules:

  1. Blocking (3.4c) - Participants shall refrain from intentionally blocking, charging, obstructing, or interfering with the forward progress of another participant.
  2. Unauthorized Assistance (3.4d) - No participant shall accept from any person (other than a race official) physical assistance of any form including food, drink, equipment, support, pacing, a replacement bicycle or replacement parts.
  3. Abandoned Equipment (3.4h) - No participant shall leave any equipment or personal gear on the race course.
  4. Unauthorized Accessories (3.4i)- No participant shall, at any time during the event, wear a head cast, headset, radio, personal audio device, or any other item deemed dangerous by the head referee.
  5. Chin Strap Violation (5.9b) - The helmet must be fastened before the participant fist mounts the bicycle, at all times when on the bicycle, and must not be fastened until the participant has dismounted.
  6. Position Fouls (Drafting) (5.10) - A participant is not permitted to position his bicycle in the proximity of another moving vehicle so as to benefit from reduced air resistance (i.e. NO DRAFTING). Refer to the rules for the definition of drafting...
  7. Blocking (5.10d) - Cyclists who have established the right of way must not block or obstruct the progress of another individual.
  8. Bicycle Specifications (Bar End Caps) (5.11i) - All handlebar ends must be solidly plugged to lessen the possibility of injury.

Mission Statement: The LA Tri Club was established to provide a network of information, support services, training & racing activities, friendship and fun for all ages and abilities. The LA Tri Club is one of the largest triathlon clubs in the World with over 1800 members. Check out our Join page for more details on our organization.

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