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2004 Results

03/06/04Ironman New Zealand
03/28/04Strawberryfields Tri
04/03/04California Half-IM
04/18/04Desert Triathlon
04/25/04NIKE Run Hit Wonder
05/01/04Wildflower Long
05/01/04Wildflower MTB
05/02/04Wildflower Olympic
05/15/04Playa del Run #1
05/23/04Newport Beach Tri
05/23/04Carlsbad Triathlon
06/06/04Escape From Alcatraz
06/13/04Kings Trail Tri Maui
06/13/04La Tri Series #3
06/13/04La Tri Express #3
06/27/04Im Coeur D'Alene
06/27/04Breath Of Life Oly
06/27/04Breath Of Life Sprin
07/17/04Camp Pendleton Tri
07/25/04Pacific Coast Tri
07/25/04Ironman Lake Placid
08/01/04Vineman - Half Im
08/15/04Xterra - Big Bear
08/28/04Santa Barbara Long
08/28/04Lake Arrowhead Tri
08/28/04Santa Barbara Sprint
08/29/04Im Canada
08/29/04Santa Barbara-Ladies
09/12/04La Triathlon Oly
09/12/04Ironman Wisconsin
09/12/04La Triathlon Sprint
09/19/04Nautica Malibu Tri
09/26/04Long Beach Tri
09/26/04Carpinteria Tri
10/10/04Hermosa Beach Tri
10/16/04Im Kona 2004
11/06/04Ironman Florida

NOTE: The completeness of our collected race results is not guaranteed. Please refer to the individual race websites for complete official results and updated race results. To be included in our race result compilation, one must be a member of the LATriClub at the time of result compilation. It is the members responsibility to verify at race registrations that their name is not misspelled and matches exactly the name they are registered with as a LATriClub member. We are not able to add individual missing race results once our result compilation has been posted. [Holger]

Mission Statement: The LA Tri Club was established to provide a network of information, support services, training & racing activities, friendship and fun for all ages and abilities. The LA Tri Club is one of the largest triathlon clubs in the World with over 1800 members. Check out our Join page for more details on our organization.

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