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Club Member Race Race Date Distance
Vedran KaluderovicIM Los Cabos10/15/15Ironman
Martin CarlsonIronman 70.3 St. George05/02/15Half - Ironman
Martin CarlsonIronman 70.3 Oceanside03/28/15Half - Ironman
Stu LevyIronman Japan (first IM!)08/24/14Ironman
Michael MallowBoulder Ironman 201408/03/14Ironman
Martin CarlsonVineman 70.307/13/14Half - Ironman
Leonard ImadaChallenge Atlantic City06/29/14Ironman
Martin CarlsonRev3--Knoxville04/18/14Half - Ironman
Melissa SavageSanta Barbara Internationall Half Marathon11/09/13Half Marathon
Robert YatesInaugural IM Tahoe Race Report09/23/13Ironman
Peter Brantley2013 Ironman Lake Tahoe09/22/13Sprint
Philip HannifinMy First Half Ironman07/15/12Half - Ironman
Sharon McNarySharon McNary's Ironman World Triathlon Championships 201110/08/11Ironman
Susie MillerStrawberry Fields - My First Olympic Tri07/17/11Olympic
Noah WebbHawaii 70.306/06/11Half - Ironman
Ismael ContrerasSt George Ironman05/07/11Ironman
David WachtelA View from the Bridge - A Spectator's Race Report04/02/11Half - Ironman
David WachtelMurder in the Tumbleweeds, the Showdown at Sundown Triathlon 201103/26/11Half - Ironman
Jennifer KramerLA Marathon- My Longest Open Water Swim of The Year, By Jennifer Kramer03/20/11Marathon
Noah WebbIronman 70.3 World Championships11/13/10Half - Ironman
Anthony SoSilverman Full 2010 - First time, and Winging a Full!11/07/10Ironman
Lisa GillmannIronman Florida11/06/10Ironman
Guy AvellonIMFL11/06/10Ironman
Michael McDonoughTour Minogue10/17/10Other
Amy BlackmanBig Rock Triathlon, Lake Perris, CA10/16/10Olympic
Martin GaissA tale of two races10/11/10Other
Lizzie Brenkus2010 Kona Ironman World Championship10/09/10Ironman
Jackie YukawaITU Worlds Budapest09/11/10Sprint
Luc VerhelleTristar 111 Monaco09/05/10Other
Jason KummerHansen Dam Tri08/15/10Sprint
Jason KummerStrawberry Fields Sprint07/17/10Sprint
Cody WestheimerIronman France Race Report06/27/10Ironman
Robert Dennis70.3 Buffalo Springs Triathlon06/27/10Half - Ironman
Dan SheerinBreath of Life Triathlon 2010 - Race Report06/27/10Sprint
Kevin BergIM St. George - My Take05/01/10Ironman
Dan SheerinLA Tri Series #1 2010 - Race report04/18/10Sprint
Amy BlackmanAmy Blackman-Desert Triathlon 201003/07/10Olympic
Dan SheerinThe Desert Triathlon - Race Report03/07/10Sprint
Will MuddSilverman Half11/08/09Half - Ironman
Jim PalmerCatalina Tri 11/7/200911/07/09Sprint
Greg SnyderMission Bay Triathlon10/04/09Sprint
Greg SnyderCarpinteria Triathlon (Sprint Course)09/27/09Sprint
Marci ConcotelliIronman Wisconsin 2009: IronVirgin no more!09/13/09Ironman
Lynne FiedlerMy First IM- Wisconsin 200909/13/09Ironman
Fred WinterIronman Canada08/30/09Ironman
Greg SnyderSURF TOWN TRIATHLON08/23/09Sprint
Greg SnyderHansen Dam Triathlon08/16/09Sprint
Sharon McNaryBarbs Race08/01/09Sprint
Robert Dennis2009 New York City Nautica Olympic07/26/09Olympic
cody WestheimerThe Strawberry Fields Triathlon (Olympic)07/19/09Olympic
Greg SnyderOxnard Strawberry Fields - Sprint07/19/09Sprint
Jim LubinskiVineman 70.307/19/09Half - Ironman
Danielle MoodyJune Lake Triathlon07/11/09Olympic
Jim LubinskiBreath of Life- Olympic Distance06/28/09Olympic
Kristin McNealusIronman Coeur d'Alene 200906/21/09Ironman
Jason JamoraIronman CDA06/21/09Ironman
Brian TurnerIM CDA06/21/09Ironman
Audra LalleyIronman CdA 200906/21/09Ironman
Kelly RockwellRedondo Beach Tri06/14/09Sprint
Fred WinterIronman Kansas 70.306/14/09Half - Ironman
Mark LytleWIlflower 200905/02/09Half - Ironman
Erin BeresiniRAGE 1/2 is RAD04/18/09Half - Ironman
Sharon McNaryOceanside 70.3 Race Report04/04/09Half - Ironman
Marci ConcotelliRace Report - Oceanside: Views from the Back of the Pack04/04/09Half - Ironman
Monica Morantoceanside 70.3 2009 - where everything that could go wrong did go wrong04/04/09Half - Ironman
Elizabeth BowenRottnest Channel Swim02/21/09Other
John ThumIronman Arizona, Nov. 200811/23/08Ironman
Bob KahnIronman Arizona Nov. 0811/23/08Ironman
Josh FuttermanSilverman Half 200811/09/08Half - Ironman
Ralph ZavalaThe full Silverman ...11/09/08Ironman
Jared GermieCatalina Sprint Triathlon11/08/08Sprint
Steve MarkLA Muddy Buddy 200811/02/08Other
Jabus HammPumpkin Man: Buffoonery by a Newbie10/18/08Sprint
Rikako TakeiKONA 08 / RIKAKO TAKEI10/11/08Ironman
John RoeschCarpenteria: My Newbie Experience09/28/08Sprint
Marvin SuntonvipartIronman Louisville08/31/08Ironman
Max MillerSanta Barbara Long Course08/24/08Other
Ralph ZavalaIronman Canana... best show on earth!08/24/08Ironman
Melissa FormanIronman Canada08/24/08Ironman
Kate ReinerNYC Triathlon07/20/08Olympic
Marvin SuntonvipartVineman 70.307/20/08Half - Ironman
Jason RussellIronman Switzerland07/13/08Ironman
Nick AbbinantiDeath Ride 200807/12/08Other
Susan MoonMy first 5K & 10 K.07/04/08Other
Sharon McNarySharon McNary’s IM CdA Pre-Race Report06/22/08Ironman
Sharon McNaryIronman Coeur d’Alene 200806/22/08Ironman
Peter BrantleyCDA 0806/22/08Ironman
Dave StiborIMCDA 200806/22/08Ironman
Erin BeresiniIronman Coeur d’Alene Rocks06/22/08Ironman
Ellen DemskyMy First Triathlon06/15/08Sprint
Angelo PalazzoAction Packed First Triathlon - Race Report.06/08/08Sprint
Derek BrauchRedondo Beach Tri06/08/08Sprint
Jaime BalboaEscape from Alcatraz 200806/08/08Olympic
Roxanne RapanEscape From Alcatraz06/08/08Olympic
Peter BrantleyHonu 70.305/30/08Half - Ironman
Tamara AdelmanIronman Lanzarote 200805/24/08Ironman
Marvin SuntonvipartWildflower Long Course 0805/03/08Half - Ironman
Patricia AnglanoWildflower Long Course Relay race report05/03/08Half - Ironman
Lawrence FongTEAM FONG: The bestest Wildflower Race Report you'll ever, EVER read.05/03/08Half - Ironman
Tim BombaBoston Marathon training tips04/21/08Marathon
Marvin SuntonvipartBoston Marathon 0804/21/08Marathon
Melissa SavageToyota Desert Springs International04/20/08Olympic
Steve ChiamoriIronman China 200804/20/08Ironman
Patricia AnglanoDevil Dog Duathlon 200804/19/08Sprint
Mark AndersonIronman Arizona04/13/08Ironman
Nadeem SroujiDead Sea Ultra Marathon - Race Report!!04/11/08Other
Sharon McNaryOceanside 70.303/29/08Half - Ironman
Melissa SavageSolvang Century and Half03/08/08Other
Adam RakunasIronman New Zealand 200803/01/08Ironman
John McLaughlinSoCal Santa Cross -- my first CX race12/23/07Other
Konrad RibeiroUrban Cyclocross #4: Camp James, Irvine12/16/07Sprint
Cindy ParkerLaguna Phuket Triathlon (Long Course)12/02/07Other
Brian Melekian70.3 World Championships - A World of Fun!11/10/07Half - Ironman
Cole MecrayING NYC Marathon11/04/07Marathon
Sharon McNaryLake Tahoe 3-Day Triathlon 200709/27/07Other
Tamara AdelmanBig Kahuna09/20/07Half - Ironman
Patricia AnglanoVineman Ironman 70.3 7/200707/22/07Half - Ironman
Tamara AdelmanJune Lake Triathlon07/12/07Sprint
Stella TongA newbie's road to Ironman06/29/07Ironman
Tim BombaIronman Coeur D'Alene 200706/24/07Ironman
Peter BrantleyIM CDA 200706/22/07Ironman
Patricia AnglanoHawaii Ironman 70.3 Race Report 6/200706/01/07Half - Ironman
Jennifer KramerWildflower Long Course05/03/07Half - Ironman
Jason HealeyWorlds Toughest Half - 200606/24/06Half - Ironman
Kim WhiteEscaping Alcatraz from the back view01/01/02Other
Tamara AdelmanIronman Brazil 200501/01/02Ironman
Jamie FinnIronman Canada 200501/01/02Ironman
Tamara AdelmanTaupo Half 200501/01/02Half - Ironman
Gerardo BarriosBecoming an Ironman-Western Australia01/01/02Ironman
Tamara Adelman2006 Ironman South Africa01/01/02Ironman
Chris Yamauchi2006 Ironman Baja 70.301/01/02Ironman
Rob NorwoodBreath of Life: Sprint01/01/02Sprint
Susan MorgensternRace Report From a Newbie: Hansen Dam01/01/02Sprint
Holger BeckmannIMCA 2001: What a Day!Olympic
Harry RedingerWildflower 2001Olympic
Peggy McDowell-CramerIMNZ 2001 Race ReportOlympic
Samir ShahinCatalina Marathon ReportOlympic
Samir ShahinSeattle MarathonOlympic
Zoe TopsfieldNautica Malibu Tri ExperienceOlympic
William HeinAdmiral's Cup TriathlonOlympic
Holger BeckmannIronman Hawaii 2001Olympic
Bill LocktonBadwater Ultramarathon from the InsideOlympic
Scott LorkisMalibu 2002: A Newbie's First RaceOlympic
Peggy McDowell-CramerTri World Championships--Cancun 11/9/2002Olympic
Gina DeTolveXterra Worlds Race ReportOlympic
Steve IzunoA Race to Remember and.... ForgetOlympic
Robert Forster, PTWorld's Toughest Mountain Bike RideOlympic
Konrad RibeiroIM Wisconsin Race ReportOlympic
Julie SilberIMC Race Report or an open letterOlympic
Mark LytleTinley's Dirty Adventures--Olympic Distance '04Olympic
Eric Davis2004 Kona IronmanOlympic
Jackie Yukawa2004 USAT Age Group NationalsOlympic
Ian MurrayRace Report: 10K SWIM!!!Olympic
Ian MurrayRace Report: IronBruinOlympic
Gary SchechnerIronman ArizonaOlympic
Mark LytleInaugural Ironman ArizonaOlympic
Robert HockleyTHE GREAT ESCAPEOlympic
Justin WarfieldMy First Wildflower (Long Course '05)Olympic
Ian MurrayAlcatraz 2005Olympic
Steven ShockXterra West Championship SportOlympic

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